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    Njitap Fotso Jeremy Sorelle

    Njitap Fotso Jeremy Sorelle

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     Vidéo disponible! CAN 2008 : Cameroon - Côte d`Ivoire : Quarter Final
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     Geremi: Cameroon were a family, a real team
    Twenty years ago to the day, the Indomitable Lions achieved one of the greatest feats in the history of Cameroonian sport by beating Spain in the final of the Men’s Olympic Football Tournament Sydney 2000 (2-2, 5-3 PSO) to secure the country’s first......
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     Geremi hints at Magpies exit
    Newcastle midfielder Geremi has told skysports.com that he could be ready to leave St James` Park in search of regular first-team......
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     Newcastle utility man Geremi targetted by Besiktas
    Cameroon international Geremi, 30, could be allowed to leave St James` Park as Newcastle look to shake up their......
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     152 000 euros pour un film sur Samuel Eto’o
    La Région Réunion a décidé d’accorder une aide de 152 000 euros à Jean-Pierre Bekolo qui réalise un long-métrage sur la vie de Samuel Eto’o, joueur camerounais du Barça. Le réalisateur a en effet......
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     Toon ace Geremi`s grief for sister
    TOUGH-tackling Toon ace Geremi blinked back tears today and told of his personal hell after his sister was killed by......
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